​When we live in a world where the technology is so advanced, why do we need to physically go to the tax agent to lodge the return? Who has time to waste waiting, until the tax agent finish preparing the return? Isn’t it easy for you to just email all the documents and communicate through emails? Of course it is. The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is to email all the documents which you think are necessary including the PAYG summaries, private health insurance details etc.

Once we receive the documents, we will contact you to get some personal information or if we already have what we need, one of the accountants will do the tax return for you. Once the return is done, the accountant will contact you with the estimated refund or the tax payable. To assure you, all the accountants will make sure that you get the best possible refund or the minimum tax payable even though you are not physically there with the accountant. Then, you will receive the documents that need your signature, including the invoice for our services and you need to sign them at your earliest and send them to us. The return will not be lodged until we receive the signed documents and the full payment. You can either scan the signed documents and email or post them. Another way to do is to fax them and transfer the money to the bank account provided in the invoice. The return will be lodged within 24 hours from the time we got all the signed documents and the full payment.

Further, please remember that doing the return through emails will not make it any cheaper as the cost of preparing the return will be the same. The only difference will be that you do not have to travel to the accountant and you can save time on travelling and waiting.

This service is available at Taxgate if you want to use it and if you prefer to come to the office and meet the accountant, you are welcome to do that too. This service is offered to you to make you comfortable and it is up to you to decide which is more convenient for you. We are here at your service, anytime anywhere!

Please Call 1300 TAX 365, if you need to know more information on our products and services.


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