Each question is unique and depend on the personal circumstances. However, here are a few answers to the most asked questions. If you haven’t found the answer you are looking for or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The cost for a tax return is different from person to person. It mainly depends on how complicated the tax return is. If you would like a quotation, please contact us. More information on fees can be found in the article “Accountants charges” on the News page.  Highly recommend you to read it.

Overdue returns? No problem. We certainly can help you. We may be able to get the information from the Tax agent portal and the Australian Taxation Office. In many cases we do not charge for getting information from the portal. It is not wise to delay doing the returns any longer, just because you have lost the information.

We need to know your tax file number. Please bring all the PAYG summaries, total bank interest earned, all the work related expenses details and the private health policy details. those are what we need for a basic tax return. A full list of what to bring will be available on the website shortly.

YES! all the overdue returns must be lodged as soon as possible to avoid interest charges and fines. If you are voulenterily lodging your late tax returns, you will most probably not get a fined. If wait till the ATO finds out, you will be charged with penalties and interest. If you get a fine, and you have a very good reason for not lodging the tax returns on time, we can try our best to get it remitted. Please talk to us for more information.

The ATO’s average processing time is 12 business days. The ATO’s standard time for processing a tax return is 30 days. Most tax refunds will be in the bank account within 12 business days. If a bank account number has not been provided, it will take about another 2 days to get the cheque by post. The processing time is out of tax agents’ hands. Please be careful when other people say, you will receive the refund in less than 10 days.


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